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Alan - Atraverda


A Root Solutions Customer

aturtle.jpg“In our business, speed is a decisive factor for success. Modeling in Pro/ENGINEER is quick.”

Allan Turtle has more than 15 years of professional experience as a design engineer.
Throughout his career he has worked with several 2D and 3D CAD tools, including AutoCAD®, Inventor® and CATIA®.

He currently works for Atraverda Ltd., a leading manufacturer of modern energy storage solutions based in Abertillery, South Wales. His main job task is to invent new batteries, which will eventually be injection moulded.

The company just recently introduced Pro/ENGINEER, and to get started with the new CAD tool, Allan has taken web-based training. He reports that it took just a few days to become familiar with the software. Comparing Pro/ENGINEER to other 3D CAD tools he has
worked with, he says: “It is similar to get to grips with, but allows much greater detailed design.”

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