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PTC Creo 3.0 UK Launch Events - "A Photo Finish"

For those in the UK not able to attend Junes official PTC Creo 3.0 worldwide launch in Boston, the chance to get your hands on it has been widely anticipated. So in July Root Solutions embarked on a UK tour to bring the latest version of PTC’s flagship software to their customers and related users…
The Winners Enclosure - Home From Home


Under "Starters Orders.."

When it comes to product launches, Root Solutions like to "do it right". Not for us “Invite only” day’s at our head or regional offices. We try to avoid the “Come see at…” hustle and bustle of trade shows. Instead we like to take our newest products to our users. We want to let them play with the software first-hand. We want to match their enthusiasm and passion with our own, in a venue which makes them feel relaxed, whilst taking time to talk to them.

The UK launch of PTC Creo 3.0 would be no exception, as we embarked on our aim to bring the latest in PTC’s flagship series with it's multitude of enhancements and new features, direct to anyone using CAD and related software.


.. and they are off!

Team Haydock
Team Haydock - Mike, James, Christine, "Be Friendly", Chris, Mick & Roger.

Thus the second week of July saw our cases’ packed and racing puns aplenty, as we took to the road for our official Creo 3.0 UK Launch Tour. Visiting eight of the UK’s best known horse racing venues, we gave users the first opportunity to look in-depth at the new Creo 3.0 release, as well being amongst the first in the UK to try it. Providing an “inside track” you could say…

Galloping across the country, we pulled up at Newcastle, Doncaster, Warwick, Haydock, Salisbury, Sandown and Newmarket - Before jumping the border into Perth.

The Motto of the shows was “Speeches Minimal, Playing with Software Maximised” – That certainly was the case as the break-out sessions proved popular, with James’s polished product demonstrations being well received at all the events.


...the going Is good.


Top: "National Hunt" at Newmarket as seats for lunch become scarce. Bottom Left: James always had time for one-to-one demo's. Bottom Right: "Hands On" at Doncaster.


Tweets & Winners

creofresco_rs_jpg.jpg It was also the first time we’ve broadcast live from any event, thanks to Twitter and the advance of social media, with the best pics and the worst puns of the day doing the daily rounds. Attendees were also able to network with fellow users, catch up with the Root Solutions team and quiz the reps from PTC direct.

Right: "CreoFresco".George Weighs In AKA "Neigh Ladd" Below: "George Weighs In" aka "Neigh Lad".

That would be enough for most events but not for ours, as the attendee’s also left with a highlights package and related info on a USB stick – the days of just a mouse matt & pen long gone. All that and a chance to win a i-PAD complete with Creo and PTC Windchill Apps installed – (See i-Winner).

Upon reaching the 7th event at Newmarket on the prestigious “Gentleman’s Day”, part of the July festival, the team were all saying “Interoperability” in their sleep , marketing had exhausted every racing joke they could think of and we all finished with a feeling that, we had once again done it the Root Solutions way….


Two Way Result.

Throughout the attendances were steady and healthy, showing that there is strong interest in the software within the UK, and in attending events like these.

But we also got a lot out of the events as well. It’s always great to see old faces, established customers and new alike. Plus you make new connections, as we also found a new member to join our own stable....

We gained a great insight into the positive long term impact Creo 3 will have. Taking time to talk with users & hear their plans is what keeps us "ahead of the field".

Overall – A great “result” all-round.

We'd offer Odds that most would agree, though don’t just take our word for it; see what the attendee’s had to say*…feedback-2-png.jpg


Want to try a Thoroughbred yourself via The Winning Team?

That's Us & PTC, and if you couldn't make any of the launch events but want to see Creo 3.0, then keep an eye out for some forthcoming Live Web Demo's and a new dedicated Creo 3.0 content page on our main site.

In the meantime you can catch all the latest demo's, tutorials and a wealth of related content via PTC's own Creo 3.0 dedicated page.

But if you want to get your hands on it now then just give us a call on 01954 288288 or via

* Customer Comments from Submitted Feedback Forms.

Words & Pictures - By the Root Solutions Ltd Team.



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