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Windchill manages the complete digital product definition


Control the data that drives your products

Capturing and controlling product information is critical to your company’s success. But once you’ve secured your data, how do you coordinate the use of that information throughout each step of your product lifecycle?

Windchill PDMLink centralizes information sources. By consolidating scattered islands of information, Windchill PDMLink brings order to chaotic change processes and speeds the development of new product configurations. And its unparalleled visualization capabilities ensure that individuals anywhere in the organization are able to review complex product information in meaningful terms.

With Windchill PDMLink, you now have unprecedented control of data throughout your product’s lifecycle. When combined with Windchill Enterprise Systems Integration (ESI) software, you can also control the flow of product information to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system during key release-to-manufacturing processes.


What's New in Windchill 10.2?


PTC Windchill 10.2 continues to build upon PTC Windchill 10.0 with more capabilities to help manufacturers optimize the management and evolution of the product’s definition.
Working in partnership with the FDA and major medical device manufacturers, the new PTC Windchill UDI module will help companies ensure compliance by automating the collection, editing, review, e-submission, change management and monitoring of FDA UDI submissions.
To help meet the upcoming Conflict Minerals regulations, PTC Windchill 10.2 offers expanded capabilities to help you manage and analyze both part and supplier disclosure information.
Users can visually interrogate data relationships between more PTC Windchill objects as well as between PTC Windchill and PTC Integrity.
ERP integration is expanded to include PTC Windchill logic that defines possible combinations/ permutations of products and manufacturing process plans.


Managing the complete product lifestyle from concept to service


Some of the specific capability enhancements offered with this release::

Visually interrogate data relationships - Improve productivity by easily understanding the relationships between different product elements using graphical flowcharts.

Share product configurations with ERP - Ensure that the same configuration rules are enforced across both PLM and ERP systems.

Visual Process Plans - Increase efficiency by visually constructing manufacturing process plans from the engineering part structure.

Meet new FDA regulations on Unique Device Identification (UDI) - Dramatically reduce the effort needed to comply with the newly proposed FDA regulation for UDI (Unique Device Identifier) submissions

Quality-driven change management - Accelerate problem resolution by initiating change requests from within any Windchill Quality Solutions module.

Expanded Conflict Minerals Compliance - Automatically collect Supplier Conflict Mineral disclosures using the EICC/GeSI Conflict Mineral Reporting Template

Intuitive Microsoft Office interactions - Improve usability by expanding PTC Windchill document management capabilities within the familiar Microsoft Windows and Microsoft office environments.

Streamlining the Upgrade process - Over 50% of our PTC Windchill users have updated to PTC Windchill 10 and PTC Windchill 10.2 includes enhancements to make the upgrade even easier.

Improved user experience for the everyday CAD user - PTC Windchill 10.2 helps improve engineer productivity by allowing users to upload any content in any state to the server workspace.

Automatically execute project plans - To help improve user productivity while still maintaining control over project execution, PTC Windchill 10.2 allows you to automatically start activities within a project plan as well as automatically notify affected resources.

New System Administration capabilities
Simplified and automated support of PTC Windchill within a cluster environment helps reduce the total cost-of-ownership (TCO) as well as the risk of system downtime.

PTC Windchill 10.2 reduces the time and administrative overhead associated with creating new test and development instances by providing repeatable, automated, re-hosting capabilities that are configurable to a specific customer configuration.

Accelerate risk assessment – New capabilities include configurable risk matrices, Web-based fault trees to support Global Risk analysis, tracking FMEA actions to mitigate risks and incorporating user-defined calculations into FMEA worksheets.




What versions of PTC Windchill can be directly upgraded to PTC Windchill 10.2 FCS?

Customers can upgrade directly to PTC Windchill 10.2 F000 from PTC Windchill 9.0, 9.1, 10.0, and 10.1.

Customers on PTC Windchill 8.0 or earlier must first upgrade to one of the previously mentioned releases before they can upgrade to PTC Windchill 10.2.


Further Information

download this pdf PTC Windchill Brochure (5.6 MB)
download this pdf PTC Windchill PDMLink Datasheet (334 KB)


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