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PTC Creo NC Sheetmetal Extension


Punch and Bend

Inefficient sheetmetal manufacturing entails high levels of scrap, and manually-conducted repetitive operations. Eliminating these problems is the domain of PTC Creo NC Sheetmetal Extension.

You gain productivity by automatically creating and optimizing toolpaths using standard and form tools. And, with its smart auto-nesting, you utilize maximum sheet area, reduce scrap and material costs and shorten lead times.

PTC Creo NC Sheetmetal Extension improves manufacturing tooling and factory equipment design processes.



- NC programming for turret punch presses, contouring laser/flame machines, nibbling and shearing

- Automatic tool selection (standard and custom forms) for punching, forming, and nibbling

- Full post processor generation capabilities to integrate seamlessly with all CNC machine tools

- Able to machine imported 2D/3D models as well as native Creo Parametric sheetmetal designs

- Reduces scrap via intelligent nesting, which decreases product cost


What Next?

download this pdf NC Sheetmetal (Data Sheet) (617.9 KB)

download this pdf PTC Creo Suite of NC Products (Brochure) (505 KB)


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