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Freeform Surfacing using Creo Parametric [WBT-3921-0]

In Creo Parametric, you can create freeform surface models using the style and freestyle modeling environments. Collectively the use of these environments is called Freeform surfacing. The style modeling environment is a spline-based freeform modeler that enables you to combine the parametric feature-based modeling approach with the unconstrained freedom surface modeling approach. This gives you the flexibility to designcomplex-shaped products in a single modeling environment. The freestyle modeling environment provides commands to create smooth and well defined B-spline surfaces quickly and easily using a polygonal control mesh.


Introduction to CREO Parametric
Update to CREO Parametric


Understand the freesylesurface modeling process
Create freestyle surface models
Understand the style surface model process
Understand style surface modeling concepts
Create initial style curves
Develop style surface models
Use advanced tools and techniques for defining style shapes
Create smooth style surface models
Integrate style and parametric features


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