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Mold Design using Creo Parametric [TRN-3920]

The mold application provides the tools to create a mold model from start to finish by using the mold design process within Creo Parametric. In this course you will learn how to create modify and analyse mold components and assemblies. Any changes made to the design model automatically propagate to the mold componentsand assemblies. You will also learn how to create final extract components that reflect geometry of the design model along with shrinkage considerations adequate drafting mold features and cooling systems. After completing the course you will have a better understanding of the mold design processand how to create molded products


Introduction to Creo Parametric or equivelent update course from Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire.


Learn the mold process
Prepare design models for the design process
Analyse design models to ensure their readiness for molding
Create mold models
Apply shrinkage to the reference model
Create and assemble workpiecesinto the mold model
Create mold volumes
Create parting lines and parting surfaces
split mold volumes
Extract mold components
Create mold features
Learn how to fill and open the mold


2 days

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