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Business Administration of Windchill PDMLink [TRN-3160-T]

After completing this course, you will be well prepared to set up and manage a basic Windchill PDMLink implementation at your company.
In this course, you will learn how to perform basic Windchill PDMLink administration tasks. You will learn how to plan and create user accounts and groups, and how to plan and
create information management storage strategies. Other topics will include life cycles, workflows, teams, and configuring domain policies. These skills enable a business
administrator to configure Windchill PDMLink to meet business needs. At the end of each module, you will complete
a skills assessment. The questions are used to help reinforce your understanding of the module topics and form the basis for review of any topis if neccesary


Optional but any one of the following courses useful:
• TRN-3145 Introduction to Windchill PDMLink for Light Users
• TRN-3146 Introduction to Windchill PDMLink for Heavy Users
• TRN-3147 Introduction to Windchill PDMLink for the Implementation Team


Understand the processes involved in
defining your business environment
• Identify the use of a Windchill Organization
• Create an organization
• Create and manage user accounts and
• Identify best practices for managing
organizations, groups, and user accounts
• Identify contexts and their relationships
• Assign product and library creators
• Create and manage product and library
• Identify Windchill object names and their
corresponding object type class names


3 days

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