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Graduate & Placement Intake Programme

Looking for the first step in your career path? Or maybe you want to undertake a year’s salaried placement to improve your skills? Whilst we are looking for Full Time Graduates for a host of roles NOW, we are also starting our 2016 placement programme...


Every year Root Solutions invests in new talent by offering the next generation "hands on" experience. Within both support and sales, we have placed faith in the best graduates and rising under graduates, to complement our experienced team.

Within all areas, Technical Support to Sales, we are always keen to balance trusted experience with fresh talent.



We have open vacancies suitable for Graduates.

Graduate CAD/CAM Applications Engineer
Graduate Windchill Consultant

For those who graduated in 2015 or those graduating in 2016, we offer the chance to make your first step into the world of 3D CAD/CAM design.

• Healthy Entry Level Salary
• Planned and Supported Training / Induction.
• Gain PTC Accreditations.
• Specialise and focus on a Core Skill within a large range of PTC and Related products.

Simon - Graduate Intake 2011


Placement Students - 2016

• 6 Months to 1 Year Available
• Fully Paid Employment
• Gain PTC Accreditations and hands on customer facing experience
• Approximate Start Date Easter 2016 (6 months) September (1 Year) though flexible


University Placement Teams / Advisors

We work with many Placement teams from the UK's best universities. We understand the need to provide a genuine learning opportunity, and work with all concerned to ensure we do. All our placement students receive a full salary whilst placed with us, as well as access and funding of PTC accreditations.

If you would like to discuss our Placement Programme please feel free - details below.

Alex - Placement Student 2013 - 2014


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These opportunities may not suit you, but you may know someone they do. We could make it worth your while...£100 of vouchers.. ;) Refer2Root


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