How To Install PTC Creo - Locked

Learn how to install PTC Creo Locked and Floating Licenses.

Install PTC Creo - Locked


  1. Obtain your locked license by logging into your PTC account, entering your sales order number into the installer or by contacting us so we can request this for you.
  2. Download your installer and up-zip the file on your machine.
  3. Run Setup.exe making sure the user account has the correct privileges to install new software.
  4. Select ‘Install new software’ and proceed. If you are updating to a new build of Creo we also recommend this rather than updating the existing software. The old build can be removed  afterwards.
  5. Drag your licence file into the ‘License Summary’ box of the installer.
  6. The installer will default to C:\Program Files\PTC and this can be changed at this stage. Make sure to press ‘Enter’ after altering the install location to confirm the change.
  7. Select the products you wish to install. Detailed adjustments can be made in the ‘Customize Application’ option.
  8. Your products will now install and can be launched on completion.