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Creo Wins TWO Product of the Year Awards

We’re pleased to announce that PTC’s Creo family of design software recently won two important Product of the Year awards, from NASA Tech Briefs and Design World. Both awards are given on the basis of receiving the most votes from engineering communities – so are a true testament to the impact Creo is having in the engineering world.


Creo Wins NASA Tech Briefs 17th Annual Readers


Creo Wins NASA Tech Briefs 17th Annual Readers' Choice Award

nasatechbriefcreo.jpgThe NASA Tech Briefs “Product of the Year” is a readers’ choice award. Over 190,000 subscribers were asked to vote for the one product among those they feel was the most significant new product introduced to the engineering community in 2011. The top three products receiving the most votes are named NASA Tech Briefs’ Product of the Year.

"The NASA Tech Briefs Product of the Year is selected solely by the readers -- the buyers and users of these products. The winners are the best of the best -- the products that design engineers feel were the most important new products introduced in 2011 that will help them do their jobs better and more efficiently." Linda L. Bell, Editorial Director, NASA Tech Briefs


Creo Wins 2011 Leadership in Engineering Award from Design World

designworld.jpgIn December, Design World announced that Creo is the 2011 Software Category Winner in its annual Leadership in Engineering program. It was the fifth year the awards have taken place – acknowledging engineering leadership and bestowing industry recognition to organizations across several disciplines.

Participating products and companies were profiled online and the engineering community was asked to vote for the most deserving leader in each category based on their accomplishments. The companies receiving the most votes from their peer group were deemed the winners.

Creo won the software category because it “is a game-changing product to reinvigorate the CAD market and unlock a new wave of growth. Creo software will change the way people work with CAD tools and to make CAD software another desktop productivity tool like PowerPoint or Excel. Creo will address the four critical issues that have yet to be resolved in CAD – usability, interoperability, assembly management and technology lock-in. Creo will unlock product design potential within an organization…”


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