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Make The Move From 2D CAD To 3D CAD




New Research Results for SMBs from Aberdeen Group

Indeed, the move from 2D to 3D offers a wide range of benefits to organizations of any size. Expected benefits from the migration are reduced design cycles and process optimization as well as improved product quality, only to name a few.

No wonder, more and more SMB companies are planning their transition. But there are best practices and recommendations that SMBs should follow to ensure optimum benefits from the move to 3D.

The Aberdeen Group has done extensive research in this field. Their most recent findings are summarized in a compact Sector Insight Report. Download this free report and learn what it takes to make your transition to 3D CAD a smooth one!

This Sector Insight covers essential considerations, including

- Strategic actions supporting the use of 3D CAD
- Preparing employees for 3D
- What functionalities are important for SMB users?
- And many more.


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