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Preparing Imported Data for Simulation Purposes in Creo Parametric

There are situations when the model used for simulation purposes is not Creo Parametric or Direct native. Typically, a STEP or IGES file is generated and imported in Creo Simulate. But, you may wish to eliminate unnecessary features such as extra holes, cuts, or rounds that would typically increase the number of finite elements. A rudimentary solution would be to make the geometrical changes in the third party CAD tool and export the data again.


A much more elegant solution would be to handle the necessary geometrical changes directly in Creo Parametric. There are several tools for this:

Make use of the new functionality in Creo Parametric by accessing the Flex Modeling tools. These tools will allow you to manipulate (move and remove, offset, modify analytic, mirror among many) different geometrical features from the imported model.



Use the capabilities of the Feature Recognition Tool (set the configuration option ‘frt_enabled’ to ‘yes’ in order to access this functionality). Features such as holes, extrusions, chamfer, fillets, etc are supported and can be easily identified for removal or alterations.



You can also use the IDD (Import Data Doctor) tools. In the Heal (formerly Featurize) tool you can select the features that you want eliminated from the model and make use of the Close feature. Features such as holes, rounds to name a few can be removed and a cleaner model is ready for simulation purposes.



Obviously, most of these tools can be used for many other purposes as well: cleaning and fixing up bad imported data or preparing geometry for manufacturing assemblies.


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