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Root Solutions Opens New Office in Nottingham

Root Solutions are pleased to announce they now have new offices in Nottingham.


Root Solutions Offices in Nottingham


The Location

Root Solutions new offices are situated on the outskirts of Nottingham with views of the countryside and access to a nature reserve close by. Located near the Wheatcroft Garden centre there is an onsite restaurant that offers a full breakfast in the mornings and a large shopping area.

The offices are close to local bus services serving the city centre and the train station, so if you are travelling down via train there is easy and regular access through public transport.


Training Facilities

The new training room can comfortably hold 6 people, but we can arrange for up to 9 people to be seated.

Meals at lunch time are provided by a local catering company and are made fresh each day. Should you have any special meal requirements please let us know in good time before hand.



There are a choice of hotels and accommodation close by, more details of which can be found on our training website. A Premier Inn is located just a short drive from the office and there is also a regular bus link to the city centre every 10 minutes from right outside the hotel.


Further Information

Please see our Training Website for more information


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