Create photo realistic rendering of your 3D CAD Models in minutes with KeyShot. Compatible with all major 3D CAD Systems.

What Is KeyShot?

KeyShot is an industry leading rendering software, giving you the ability to create stunning photo realistic renders and animations of your 3D CAD models within minutes. Instead of photographing products, render them on KeyShot for amazing visuals and easy manipulation. KeyShot is compatible with all major 3D CAD Systems, including PTC Creo.

Why Use KeyShot?

Featuring a real-time 3D rendering workflow, see results instantly and reduce the time it takes to create that perfect shot. From scientifically accurate material and environment presets, to advanced material editing and animation, creating product visuals or sales and marketing imagery has never been easier. KeyShot has free plugins available for all major 3D CAD systems, to automatically update your 3D assembly or part in KeyShot, when you have made changes within your CAD system.

Timelapse displaying the speed of KeyShot

Render Speed

The speed you have within KeyShot cannot be compared. Whether you are on a small laptop or a networked server with multiple CPUs, KeyShot will use all the cores available to generate a faster rendering speed. Through changing the resolution of your render output, you can either reduce or increase rendering time. The higher resolution you render your models, the longer it will subsequently take to render. If a quick render is required, it can take just minutes. You can speed up your renders by using a network rendering add-on that harvests cores from other computers to speed up rendering time.

Unlimited rendering resolution

Core Capabilities

Real Time Ray Rendering

Progressive global illumination,
multi-core photon mapping,
dynamic lighting core, focused caustics, real time subsurface scattering, real time region rendering

HDRI Editor

Edit existing HDRIs to fit your scene, or you can create one from scratch for a fully custom environment with maximum control. Make adjustments to lighting, shading and different environments

Physical Lighting

Light sources with power control and fall-off based on scene units, Area light diffuse, Point light diffuse,
Point light IES profile

Vast Colour & Material Lighting

Drag and drop materials from library onto object, In-project material library for material management

Dynamic Texture Mapping

Dynamic texture mapping and control, interactive, node-based Material Graph with real time feedback, materials and textures on labels

Unlimited Resolution

No limit to the resolutions of renders, providing the opportunity to create stunning visuals

3D CAD Model Plugins

Compatibility with all major 3D CAD models, including PTC Creo, Solidworks, Catia, NX and others

Camera Manipulation

Full interactive camera control including tumble, pan, dolly and twist, numerical control using spherical or absolute coordinates

Background Manipulation

Add realistic backgrounds to your renders

Customer Quote

“KeyShot is a great tool that we use for rendering images and animations. We chose Keyshot as it allows us to easily change the colours, materials and rotation of a product to how we want, making our 3D models look real. It is a great for preparing realistic animations for our customers in terms of assembling/disassembling the parts.”

Anca Pandelea, Verder Group

Why KeyShot?

Photorealistic Renders

Photorealistic Renders

Photorealistic Animations

Photorealistic Animations

Option For XR Add-On Rotation

Option For XR Add-On Rotation

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Unlimited Resolution

600+ material pre-sets

60+ HDRI environments

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Interactive KeyShotXR

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Increase The Speed Of Your Renders

Harness Cores From Your Hosts

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Network Rendering

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