PTC Creo Parametric UK - 3D CAD System

PTC Creo Parametric is an industry leading 3D CAD system. Maximise innovation and create high quality, well constrained 3D designs ready for manufacture.

What is it?

PTC Creo is a robust 3D modelling design software toolset, that optimises product development. PTC Creo allows users to create, develop and send to manufacture from one CAD environment. Creo is a scalable design solution for maximising innovation and enabling users to create exactly the design they imagine through CAD design. Maximise innovation and create high quality, well constrained 3D designs. PTC Creo has a diverse range of design extensions for creating added functionality with the Creo software environment that enable users to enhance ergonomics, product safety and product quality.

Hold large assemblies with thousands of parts

Why Use PTC Creo Parametric For Your CAD System?

PTC Creo Parametric is a renowned 3D CAD system, that has all of the tools within its core functionality, to design, develop and manufacture well engineered products. PTC Creo is scalable from one user to a thousand. Whether your company is designing bicycles, handheld devices or car engines, PTC Creo ensures that your users have all of the tools available to create well constrained, safe, innovative products. There is a range of design extensions that can aid certain areas of the design process, for example, whether you require the optimum route of piping and cabling, there are extensions to suit your requirements.

PTC Creo gives an engineer freedom to create concept designs


PTC Creo Essentials

PTC Creo Essentials

PTC Creo Essentials Plus

PTC Creo Essentials Plus

PTC Creo Essentials Premium

PTC Creo Essentials Premium

PTC Creo Essentials Team

PTC Creo Essentials Team

Customer Quote

“I like using Creo because I can create a moveable geometry part, which means I can move the bike around and change position of various bits depending where I want them to be, I can do FEA and now I can do the surfacing. It is a one-stop shop and I haven’t got to jump from one system to another to another depending on what I am doing. So, it’s nice and easy for me from a user’s point of view – I can just get on and go.”

Simon Skinner, Norton Motorcycles 

(May, 2017, Develop 3D)

What are PTC Creo Parametric’s Key Capabilities?

3D Solid Modelling

Create 3D parametric models of parts & assemblies. Create precise geometry, regardless of model

Technical Surfacing

Develop complex surface geometry using sweeps, blends, extends, offsets, and a variety of other
specialised features

Robust Assembly Modelling

PTC Creo is renowned for being able to hold assemblies with numerous parts without crashing, creating opportunity to design from a bolt to an aeroplane and mange the assembly so it is easily editable

Freestyle Surfacing

Ability to create fluid shapes quickly and efficiently through manipulating the model into the shape your require. Great tool for creating more organic shapes

Detailed Documentation including 2D and 3D Engineering drawings

Create detailed engineering drawings, suitable for manufacture

Work With Non-Native Data From 3rd Party CAD Systems

Bring in 3rd party 3D CAD files, retaining the same geometry. Import Solidworks, NX, Catia & others

Design For Additive Manufacture (3D Print)

PTC Creo has functionality to print directly from the Creo environment. With an additional Additive Manufacture module available to create latticing within 3D printed models

PTC Product Range Integration

PTC Creo integrates with PTC's product range, including Windchill, Illustrate, Mathcad etc

Digital Human Modelling

Insert and manipulate a digital human inside your CAD model

PTC Creo Extensions

Interactive Surfacing Extension (ISDX)

Expert Framework Extension

Fatigue Extension

Design Exploration Extension (DEX)

Advanced Assembly Extension

Flow Analysis (CFD)

Clearance & Creepage Analysis

Render Studio

Harness Manufacturing Extension

Mold Analysis


Geometry Dimension & Tolerance

Inteligent Fastener Extension

Tolerance Analysis

Reverse Engineering

Mechanism Dynamics

Additive Manufacture (3D Printing)

Piping & Cabling

FEA (Simulate)

PTC Creo Parametric Package Comparison

Product feature Creo EssentialsStand. Creo Essentials PlusProf. Creo Essentials TeamProf. Creo Essentials PremiumPrem.
3D Part & Assembly Design Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated 2D Drawing Creation & Update Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-CAD data exchange Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parametric & Freestyle Surfacing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Assembly Management & Performance Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sheet Metal Design Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mechanism Design Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plastic Part Design Yes Yes Yes Yes
Structural Framework & Weld Design Yes Yes Yes Yes
Realistic Rendering and 3D Animation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Direct Modeling (Flexible Modeling) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic Part Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
3D Printing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Design Exploration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Human Factors Design Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standard eLearning Library Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extended License Borrowing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Home Use Yes Yes Yes Yes
Performance Advisor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Securely vault all product data Yes Yes
Powerful Search Tools Yes Yes
Revision Control Yes Yes
Structural Analysis for Parts & Assemblies. Yes
Motion Analysis Yes
Cabling/Wiring Design Yes
CAD & Document Data Management Yes Yes

PTC Creo's Key Benefits Over 3rd Party 3D CAD Systems

Large Assembly Management

PTC Creo has the functionality to withhold very large assemblies and function. Unlike other 3D CAD Systems, Creo can provide optimum performance with well over 200 parts. However other CAD systems can crash and fail to hold this volume of parts

Native Data Management

Flex Modelling is embedded within the core functionality of PTC Creo and allow users to import native data from other CAD systems and enable users to edit these files

Design Extension

There is a range of design extensions that can aid certain areas of the design process. These are tailored to certain applications

Freestyle Surfacing

Creo also has surfacing capabilities that other CAD systems aren’t capable of doing. Creo provides a wide range of extensions that are tailored to certain applications

PTC Creo 5.0 Enhancements

Flow Analysis Extension

Flow Analysis Extension

A complete CFD solution made for the CAD user. Now you have analysis tools at your fingertips. Find and fix issues with liquid or gas flow around your products early in the design process, before investing in prototypes

Topology Optimisation

Topology Optimisation

With Creo Topology Optimisation, you define the objectives and constraints, leaving Creo to create the optimised, parametric geometry. What took weeks now takes seconds in Creo 5.0 because you're not recreating geometry

Mold Machining Extension

Mold Machining Extension

This new capability contains high-speed machining tool paths. You can machine complex designs for one-off and low-volume production with ease. Within the Creo environment, when the design changes, regenerate the tool paths

Additive Manufacture Plus Extension

Additive Manufacture Plus Extension

Creo 5.0 supports polymer or metal printing, with support for Stratasys and 3D Systems plastic printers. Including a library of Materialise-enabled printers

User Interface & Improved Workflows

User Interface & Improved Workflows

PTC Creo 5.0 has received an enhanced user interface and improved workflows, making it easier to design innovative products



With Creo 5.0, you can now open and update Autodesk Inventor files, adding to Creo’s robust Unite Technology multi-CAD capabilities. Perfect for users working in a muli-CAD environment