PTC Creo Illustrate UK

PTC Creo Illustrate leverages existing CAD data to create high quality 2D and 3D illustrations, animations and augmented Reality experiences.

What is PTC Creo Illustrate?

PTC Creo Illustrate is a technical illustration software that combines 3D Illustration and animation capabilities with associated 3D CAD data. Create graphical images and animations with step by step sequences, making it easier for end users to interpret and substantially reducing illustration creation time. Produce illustrations specific to the end product, even if it is designed using multiple CAD systems. Create a service BOM (sBOM) using eBOM parts data to produce information structure for parts list and service procedures.


Leverage existing CAD Data to create 2D & 3D illustrations and animations

Key Capabilities

3D Technical Illustrations

3D publish and export capabilities

3D Animations

Create 3D animations to visually describe complex service procedures

Link To 3D CAD System

Option to link Creo Illustrate file to CAD assembly. Illustrate will then update with CAD model

Separate Parts for BOM

Deliver configuration-specific graphical information

Symbols & Comments

Add symbols such as warning icons and comments. Specifically helpful for production

Simplify Sequences

Clearly convey complex information without text heavy sequences

Main Use Cases

Part Identification

Part Identification

Part identification can be key for companies that sell to distributors and sell spares and repairs. Part identification can provide clear understanding through the buying process

Manuals & Specifications

Manuals & Specifications

Easily create technical illustrations for electronic and paper based instruction manuals



Technical Animations can provide clear translation of how parts are configured and assembled, offering efficient communication between engineering and production departments



Create easy to interpret servicing guides with graphical illustrations, leveraged directly from your CAD model. Reduce text heavy descriptions through the us of symbols. Creo Illustrate also offers Augmented Reality capabilities, enabling users to use Tablets and Eye wear to view technical illustration animations in real time



Improve training material by creating professional sequences of 3D technical illustrations. Augmented Reality capabilities also allow users to learn on the job through utilising AR experiences

Website Marketing

Website Marketing

Graphical visuals can be very costly and timely when designing for your company's website. Whether it is for marketing purposes, animations or part identification for distributors, Creo Illustrate can provide powerful visuals that can improve user experience and efficiency.

Creo View Toolkit For Microsoft Office

Embed PTC Creo View

PTC Creo Illustrate has a Microsoft Office extension that allows users to embed Creo View into a Microsoft Office Document. By embedding Creo View into Microsoft Powerpoint, there is the potential to create presentations that can move display a step by step process. This will allow you to also create interactive presentations that can show complex animations of assemblies.

Embed Creo View into Microsoft Powerpoint

Magnified View & Symbols

Magnified Views

PTC Creo Illustrate provides functionality to easily create magnified views of certain parts and areas of a product. This can be utilised when a user is identifying a specific part within a complex part structure.


Symbols can be easily placed in either an illustration, an animation, or viewable within AR application. These symbols can dramatically reduce the amount of text needed to describe a step or a function.

Create a magnified view of certain parts

Customer Quote

I would say the best aspect of Creo Illustrate is the speed at which you can produce a large number of technical illustrations from the initial 3D assembly. It tends to enable you to increase the number of illustrations in a publication while reducing the amount of text which helps to reduce overall translation cost and increase the ease of handling document revisions. It is easy to produce annotated explosions and you can import 2D images for inclusion into the models. Also, when working with Creo models, the fact that the sBOM is available means you can easily switch across subassemblies in a Creo model within the one illustration session.

Stuart Graydon, Sandvik Group