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PTC Creo Advanced Assembly Extension


PTC Creo Advanced Assembly Extension is the perfect add-on tool for designers who work with large assemblies because it offers a host of specialized functions that make designing and managing even the most complex designs much easier.

Creo Advanced Assembly Extension


With its advanced tools for top-down assembly design, assembly configuration rules management, and assembly process planning, Creo Elements/Pro AAX streamlines the flow of information from design to manufacturing, helping you reach the optimal design–even customized designs–in far less time.


Advanced Assembly Design and Management

Innovative product design often involves creating and managing an array of components and sub-assemblies. Creo Advanced Assembly Extension enhances the productivity of distributed teams with capabilities for design criteria management, top-down assembly design, and assembly process planning.

Benefits include: more flexible designs, improved technical documentation, and accurate fabrication instructions.



- Design complex products using powerful tools to support any top-down design process

- Create alternate product variations pro-grammatically, allowing fast mass product customization

- Create layouts for documenting and driving the configuration of models, using critical engineering data

- Create assembly drawings and process plans for detailed fabrication instructions, repair and service manuals

- Powerful assembly management improves detailed design and variant design and generation processes



download this pdf - Advanced Assembly Extension (Data Sheet)

download this pdf - Design Engineer Topic Sheet


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