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PTC Creo Manikin Extension


manikin_d.jpgCreo Manikin Extension will include the insertion, customisation, and manipulation of standards-based 3D human models; and the generation of human reach envelopes and vision cones to understand what limitations may exist in a design.

A user's perspective may be gained by using a "Fly To View" capability.

Libraries of global populations and manikin postures will assist the building of manikin scenarios.


PTC Creo Manikin Analysis Extension

Creo Manikin Analysis Extension will allow the simulation, communication and optimisation of manual handling tasks such as lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and carrying.



- Reduce time, budget and obsolescence with physical prototypes

- Ensure conformance with safety, health, ergonomics and workplace standards and guidelines

- Optimise products for your identified target audience within the overall global market

- Communicate and share complex human-product interaction issues using a strong, clearly communicable, visual simulation solution

- Track impact of design changes against the physical characteristics of end users



download this pdf - Manikin Extension Data Sheet

download this pdf - Proactively incorporate human factors into your product designs


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