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PTC Creo Mechanism Dynamics Extension


With PTC Creo Mechanism Dynamics Extension, you can virtually simulate the forces and accelerations in systems with moving components.

And, you can adjust product performance by incorporating dynamic influences such as springs, motors, friction, and gravity. Improve your verification and validation process and maximize design confidence without the expensive burden of building prototypes.
PTC Creo Mechanism Dynamics Extension



- Incorporate springs, dampers, motors, friction, gravity, and custom dynamic loads to evaluate product performance

- Use design studies to optimize the mechanism’s performance over a range of input variables

- Size motors, springs, and dampers

- Design and evaluate cam and slot profiles for peak performance

- Create accurate motion envelopes for use in interference and space claim studies

- Obtain accurate measurements from a dynamic analysis to designing stronger, lighter, more efficient mechanisms

- Create high quality animations directly from dynamic simulations

- Reduce product development time and costs due to multiple physical prototypes and design iterations



download this pdf - Mechanism Dynamics Option Data Sheet


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