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PTC Creo Advanced Simulation Extension



Product insight and improvement

Competitive conditions force design teams to “get it right the first time,” making it critical to understand product performance early in the development cycle. Strengthen your verification and validation processes with a complete set of advanced capabilities.

PTC Creo Advanced Simulation Extension enables engineers to fully evaluate and optimize their designs, improving product quality while reducing physical prototyping expense.

PTC Creo Advanced Simulation eXtension



- Solve non-linear large displacement, pre-stress, dynamic, and transient thermal analyses

- Simulate advanced materials behaviours such as hyper-elasticity, anisotropic, orthotropic, and composite laminates

- Support for advanced modelling entities such as mass/spring idealizations, pre-loaded bolts, and friction on assembly contact points

- Common interface, workflows, and user concepts as in core design areas of Creo Parametric

- Reduces product performance uncertainty by simulating complex systems accurately



download this pdf Advanced Mechanica Data Sheet


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