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PTC Creo Tolerance Analysis Extension


Analyse and Control Tolerances - Powered by CETOL Technology
PTC Creo Tolerance Analysis Extension

To deliver high quality products to market faster, product designers need to design for manufacturability.

Not only must a product look good on the computer screen, it must fit together on the shop floor once manufactured. This requires incorporating manufacturing variance information early in the design process.

Creo Tolerance Analysis Extension powered by CETOL Technology gives you the power to analyze geometric tolerance stack-ups and gaps.

Now you can quickly analyze and document geometric tolerances directly on the CAD model. With Creo Elements/Pro you can improve your ability to design for manufacturing and easily streamline your detailed design and verification and validation processes.



- Quickly analyze a model for its true statistical variation, sigma quality, as well as individual dimension contributions and sensitivities

- Easily incorporate GTOL and dimensional tolerances directly in the CAD model. 1-D tolerance loops are managed in an assembly-level saved Tolerance Analysis

- Improve design for manufacturability, reduce time-to-market, improve product quality, and decrease cost.



download this pdf - Tolerance Analysis Data Sheet


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