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PTC Mathcad is the industry standard software for solving, analyzing, and sharing your most vital engineering calculations.

Mathcad's live mathematical notation, units intelligence, and powerful calculation capabilities, presented within an easy-to-use interface, allows engineers and design teams to communicate their critical design and engineering knowledge.




PTC Mathcad

PTC Mathcad does what spreadsheets, word processing, presentation software and programming applications simply cannot do – it brings powerful calculation capabilities into human-readable form.

It integrates these human-readable, live calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images into a single, interactive, professionally presented document. This ease and familiarity of an engineering notebook enables design exploration, validation and verification, and the clear communication of critical engineering information. You don’t need to be a Mathcad expert to read and understand Mathcad documents.

PTC Mathcad Prime

PTC Mathcad Prime has significantly improved its calculation capability to allow bigger problems to be solved, faster. With over 600 built-in mathematical functions and the unlimited ability to define your own, the ability to solve equations both numerically and symbolically, and the ability to solve complex systems of equations, PTC Mathcad supports your advanced engineering design exploration.

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The result is a common tool allowing every engineer – from the casual user who simply needs to document the source of design parameters, to the power user who needs to perform sophisticated design studies and trade-off analyses – to spend more of their time actually engineering.


What's new in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0?


PTC Mathcad fully integrates with both PTC Creo and PTC Windchill

By linking design inputs and calculation results to parametric CAD systems like PTC Creo, engineers are able to perform ‘what if’ analyses and optimize geometry parameters, as well as perform verification and validation steps on final designs to confirm original customer requirements are met. CAD geometry communicates WHAT is being designed, while Mathcad communicates WHY it was designed that way.

Using a product lifecycle management solution such as PTC Windchill as the backbone of your product development process delivers the benefits of global collaboration, version control and trace-ability for your critical design and engineering knowledge.



- Easy to learn and use - no special programming skills required
- Increases productivity, saving engineers time and reducing errors
- Improves verification and validation of critical calculations
- Promotes calculation best practices and reuse of calculation content
- Complete documentation of calculations supports standards compliance



PTC Mathcad Resources

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* When you download and select the PTC Mathcad Prime trial option, you will enjoy all the additional bonus features included in PTC Mathcad Prime for 30 days before continuing on with standard features included in PTC Mathcad Express.

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