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PTC Mathcad Gateway provides universal & secure access to all your engineering calculations.


A calculation server that provides access to your certified engineering calculations for any user, anytime, on any device. Users simply log in over the web to obtain quick calculation results for their specific scenarios without exposing your valuable Intellectual Property (IP).


PTC Mathcad Gateway brings key benefits without the need for specialised hardware or software.

- AIP Protection

- Universal Access

- Easy Deployment

- Timely & Trusted Results

- Certified Calculation Hub

- Fits Into Existing Infrastructures



PTC Mathcad Resources

download this pdf - PTC Mathcad Gateway FAQ's

download this pdf - PTC Mathcad Gateway Data Sheet

download this pdf - Mathcad Brochure

download this pdf - Mathcad Extension Packs

download this pdf - Mathcad Engineering Libraries


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