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The industry’s first integral solution for Manufacturing Process Management


Everyday, manufacturing engineers are faced with the challenge of ensuring that their process plans, manufacturing bill of materials (mBOMs), and work instructions accurately reflect the current engineering design.

mpmlink.jpgIt’s typically not until the design is completed that design engineering involves manufacturing engineering to define “how” a product is to be made in a specific factory.

But if manufacturing process management (MPM) could be done in synch with engineering, operating on the same design data, it could have a significant positive impact on reducing product cost, improving the accuracy of manufacturing deliverables, and shortening development cycle time.

Windchill MPMLink is the answer – an integral PLM application designed for manufacturing engineers. It gives them the tools they regularly need to digitally design and manage all of their process plan deliverables concurrently with design




Key Benefits

Reduce Time-to-Market

- Enable concurrent product and manufacturing process definition by managing digital manufacturing process plan definitions in the same system used by the design team.

- Reduce late-stage changes requested by Manufacturing by providing manufacturing engineers with early access to design information.

- Reduce the time required to create manufacturing engineering. deliverables through digital modeling and content management of manufacturing process definitions.

Enhance Efficiency of Manufacturing Engineers

- Associatively link mBOMs to the source engineering design information, so that mBOMs always reflect Engineering’s current design.

- Digitally author and manage manufacturing process plans and the associated resources, instead of relying on inefficient, paperbased tools.

- Improve manufacturing process consistency by capturing and sharing manufacturing knowledge, regardless of location or time zone, using enterprise-wide collaboration.

- Enable reuse of standardized and normalized processes and resources, thus avoiding data duplication.

Lower the Cost of Changes

- Increase efficiency by providing an integral change management system that supports both Engineering and Manufacturing needs.

- Facilitate cost-effective design decisions by increasing engineering visibility into the potential manufacturing impact of a change.

Improve Production Ramp-up and Productivity

- Dynamically generate accurate work instructions with embedded 2D and 3D product illustrations.

- Accelerate implementation of change in manufacturing deliverables
Efficiently optimize manufacturing processes with visual configuration tools.

- Identify required design changes earlier in the development lifecycle and include timely feedback from Manufacturing.

Reduce Scrap and Rework

- Eliminate discrepancies between the latest process definition and the work instructions used on the shop floor.

- Effectively and efficiently manage the propagation of changes from design to manufacturing deliverables




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