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KeyShot 6 What's New?

Interior Lighting Mode


Faster, easier, and more amazing than ever before

KeyShot_Gold_2KeyShot 6 brings even more speed and simplicity to creating high-quality visuals, with a completely optimized workflow that gives you the power to create amazing shots, even faster.


The top enhancements for KeyShot 6 incorporate new capabilities across every area of the KeyShot experience, including...

- PTC Creo support
- Improved workflow efficiency
- Powerful feature enhancements
- More advanced plugins
- Greater material controls
- Interior lighting mode
- Geometry view
- Camera path animation



PTC Creo 3.0 Support

KeyShot now has support for PTC Creo 3.0 with direct import as well as a free downloadable plugin.


Improved Workflow Efficiency

Easier ways to set up your scene, work more efficiently, and deliver amazing visuals with speed.


Powerful Feature Enhancements

With KeyShot 6 you have more power with unlimited resolutions for KeyShot HD and KeyShot Animation included with KeyShot Pro..


More Advanced Plugins

New, free plugins bring more advanced support and LiveLinking capabilities to Maya, 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.


Keyshot Creo Norton Root Bike


Greater Material Controls

More control over materials with enhancements and advanced material editing for unlimited possibilities.


- Material Graph

Material editing is even now more robust than ever before with the updated KeyShot 6 Material Graph.

- Materials on Labels

Materials and textures can now be applied to labels to enhance appearance and realism for a more accurate communication of their properties.

- Material Animation

Color and Number Fade animations now make it possible to quickly adjust material colors or settings, change materials opacity or fade lights.


Interior Lighting Mode

KeyShot 6 comes with six new lighting modes powered by an all new lighting algorithm. Set or adjust scene lighting optimized for interiors or product shots.


Material Animation


Geometry View

KeyShot 6 introduces an entirely new way to setup a scene with the new Geometry View. With an additional camera viewpoint, 1:1 animation playback, camera path animation control and more..


Camera Path Animation

New in KeyShot 6 is the ability to add Camera Path Animations for smoother, more dynamic camera movements and more control over your camera



Keyshot 6 Brochures And Details

download this pdf - Keyshot 6 - Whats New?

download this pdf - Keyshot Data Sheet


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