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KeyShot Technical Specifications



CPU based
Parallel architecture with full support for multi-core and hyper-threaded systems
Near linear performance scale with additional CPUs
Utilization of GPU for rendering effects
No special graphics card needed
Support for PC and Mac
PRO: Stereo viewing


Supported 3D file formats

ALIAS 2015 and prior
CATIA v5/6
Creo 2.0 and prior
Inventor 2015 and prior
Maya 2015 and prior (needs to be licensed)
NX 9 and prior
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2 – 5
Rhinoceros 5 and prior
SketchUp 2014 and prior
Solid Edge ST6 and prior
SolidWorks 2014 and prior
STEP AP203/214
FBX including part/camera animation


Plugins w/ LiveLinking (PC Only)

PTC Creo 2.0 and prior
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4 – 5
SolidWorks 2011 – 2014
Rhinoceros 5 and prior
SketchUp 7, 8 & 2013, 2014 (no LiveLinking)
3DS Max 2011 – 2015 (no LiveLinking)
Solid Edge ST6
IronCAD 2014
Delcam ArtCAM
Delcam Shoemaker Pro
Delcam PowerSHAPE
Geomagic Design
SolidThinking Evolve


Image types - input

TIFF with alpha channel (8 bit)
HDZ (KeyShot proprietary HDRI)


Image types - output

4.1M pixel output resolution
PRO: Unlimited output resolution
Interactive render output window with zoom and image editing capabilities
TIFF with alpha channel (8 bit/32bit)
EXR (32 bit)
AVI, Quicktime, Flash (PC) for animations
PRO: Output to OBJ
PRO: Output to STL
PRO: Output to ZPR


Image Composition

Realtime bloom effect
Solid color background
Combination of 3D scene with 2D photograph
Brightness and gamma control
Ground shadow color adjustment


What's included:

500+ predefined materials including texture and bump maps
50+ lighting environments
Access to Keyshot Cloud
Quick start guide
Hotkey list


Offline rendering features

Realtime render mode
Gaussian blur for image smoothing
Alpha channel output
PRO: Render passes including layers
PRO: Batch rendering (render queue)
PRO: Simultaneous realtime and offline rendering
PRO: Turntable animation rendering
PRO: Region rendering
Optional: Network rendering


Realtime raytracing features

Progressive global illumination
Multi-core photon mapping
Adaptive material sampling
Dynamic lighting core
Realtime subsurface scattering
PRO: Raytracing of NURBS


Texturing, bump mapping and labeling

Dynamic texture mapping and control
Image based bump mapping with interactive height control
Normal mapping
Support for opacity maps
Specular mapping
Interactive label placement
Procedural texture mapping


Scientifically accurate materials

True physics based materials
Subsurface scattering
Adjustable IOR
Interactive color adjustment with support for Pantone®, RAL®, CIE Lab
Roughness/gloss control
Multi-layer materials
Light-emitting materials
Support for AXALTA (DuPont®) paints
Mold-Tech material with accurate scaling


Real world lighting and editing

Image based lighting using high dynamic range images (HDRI)
Brightness and contrast control
Envrionment rotation and height adjustment
PRO: Saturation and hue adjustment
PRO: Tilt and blur
PRO: Innovative pin system for adding lights with realtime feedback
PRO: Sun/Sky generator


Camera controls

Full interactive camera control including tumble, pan, dolly and twist
Numerical control using spherical or absolute coordinate
Interactive focal length

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