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Software License Management (License Statistics)

Advanced yet simple to use.
License Statistics (by X-Formation) is the complete out of the box solution for tracking and reporting software license usage in real-time or through log importation.


licencestats-logo1.jpgLicense Statistics provides the tools necessary for centrally monitoring thousands of different high-value applications to help organizations optimize license usage and software costs, improve company productivity through reduction of denials and efficient license allocation, and forecast future needs by providing information required to make the right license management decisions.



Key Highlights


Centralized License Management

1licstatdashboard.jpgData for all monitored applications is displayed from one user-friendly web interface that can be easily accessed and shared throughout worldwide locations.


Dashboard Monitoring

2licstatfeaturesutilizationhistory.jpgLicense Statistics dashboard provides a complete overview of all tracked software, including server status, feature utilization and expiration, and usage above 24 hrs.


Reporting Flexibility and Data Exportation

3alicstatreportsrealtimeusercount.jpgObtain any type of license usage information through a set of simple and advanced reports and an SQL console that can be used to query the db. All reports can be exported to various formats such as xls and pdf.


Support for over 15 License Managers

4licstat-license-server.jpgTrack software managed by LM-X, FLEXlm, FlexNet, IBM LUM, Sentinel RMS, Reprise License Manager (RLM), and others. No other solution on the market can provide such versatility to monitor thousands of different applications.


Live Demo

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Further Information

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download this pdf License Statistics Brochure (512 KB)


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