IoT Services

PTC ThingWorx is a world leading IoT Platform. Root Solutions have the expertise to provide services around PTC Thingworx including scoping, planning and fulfilling an IoT strategy.

What Is This Service?

Root Solutions provide all related PTC ThingWorx Internet Of Things services. Our team are fully capable of delivering Thingworx IoT services, which include help in defining your experience, modelling the IoT application, analysing data, connecting the IoT platform to your physical assets and building the deliverable product.

Our IoT Technical Specialists are on hand to work with customers from ThingWorx start to completion, in creating a platform that will enable customers gain value from either connecting devices, factories and/or systems.



Gain real time data from your products, manufacturing equipment & systems

How We Can Help

Iot Strategy Scope

Iot Strategy Scope

Our IoT Specialists will scope how PTC ThingWorx can accommodate your IoT strategy to your company's requirements

Design & Build

Design & Build

Our team will design and build your ThingWorx Platform to your requirements, making use of the software so you can gain value from connected devices, factories and systems

Host & Support

Host & Support

Root Solutions can host and support your ThingWorx Platform, maintaining a high level of performance to ensure that it is working at an optimum level

IoT & AR Integration

PTC’s product suite has been designed for integration. PTC ThingWorx Studio allows users to create Augmented Reality experiences that can display KPI’s of devices and machinery. The integration of augmented reality can create real time AR experiences.

Visualise real time data from your products & manufacturing equipment


ThingWorx is the industry-leading industrial innovation platform that is designed to rapidly deliver IoT applications and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences that unlock the value of the converged digital and physical worlds.