Skills Assessment

A bespoke service provided by Root Solutions to assess potential areas of improvement for your Engineering team’ PTC Creo users. This augmented by an advisory tailored targeted training plan that aims to address specific individuals’ knowledge gaps.

What is skills assessment?

Root Solutions have developed a process whereby our consultant works closely with individual PTC Creo users to assess their current application skill levels, taking into account their design process requirements. The assessment yields a key understanding and insight into areas that could be improved in order to increase engineering efficiency and productivity. By following a recommended, targeted training plan, users are also provided with longer term confidence and satisfaction.

PTC Creo Knowledge Assessment

Individual, close and interactive discussions and questionnaires are used to obtain a broad picture of the user’s current status. This is followed by a multiple choice skills assessment covering a range of Creo disciplines. It is straightforward, yet detailed and unambiguous. It is not designed to highlight any personal weaknesses and can be anonymous. It identifies and highlights knowledge gaps important to individual and company needs. Irrelevant topics are discounted and relevant topics are more heavily weighted in the appraisal.

Skills Assessment aims to improve your team's CAD skills

PTC Creo Modelling Assessment

The multiple choice questionnaire is followed by various modelling exercises, each one used to progressively evaluate specific areas of knowledge and understanding of the application. User skills assessments provide a careful and objective means of measuring and identifying relevant knowledge gaps and then providing a suitable customised and targeted coaching and training program to fill the gaps and raise the standards.

Various modelling exercises are conducted to assess the users current ability

PTC Creo Skills Report

After the report has been written the results of the questionnaires and modelling exercises can be discussed with each individual, making any necessary suggestions and recommendations for further coaching or training as required. A training matrix or plan is developed that will target the specifically identified needs for each individual.


Final discussions, optionally provided with re-tests, can be used to validate the efficacy of the whole audit program.



Receive detailed reports of current CAD skill levels & areas for improvement

Areas of PTC Creo That Are Assessed For Improvement



Drawing With Table & Notes

Edit Definition

Building With Specific Parameters

Sheet Metal

Key Benefits

Identify Skill Gaps

Identify Skill Gaps

Identify skill gaps for each individual within your engineering team. These are precise skills within PTC Creo that are identified

Improve Engineering Skills

Improve Engineering Skills

Improve engineering skills through recommended training for each individual of your team that had a specified skill gap

Enhance Product Quality

Enhance Product Quality

Enhancing your teams PTC Creo skills will consequently improve engineering performance and product quality