Creo 7.0

Multibody Design (Part 2)


Creo 7 now adds Multi-Body design to its rich tool-set to further augment and enhance how Design Engineers can work.

This training tutorial illustrates how several Bodies within a single part can be used to represent different design aspects.

This Training Tutorial is based on two three-hour sessions. Part 1 & Part 2

Part 1: Duration 3 hours

Functional overview, description, examples and exercises describing how to develop and use Bodies in the context of part and assembly design.

Part 2: Duration 3 hours

Further detailed examples and exercises practising a variety of different applications including using Bodies for tooling (moulds, die-sink electrodes), representing fluids inside vessels as well as additional Body manipulation and transformation.


• Developing separate piece parts in-situ, such as for a welded fabrication or jig.
• Controlling and defining the size and position of related sub-assembly components.
• Breaking out individual piece parts to be used in an assembly.
• Sharing geometric features between Bodies.
• Editing and manipulating Bodies within a part design.
• Assigning multiple materials and parameters within a single part.
• Performing Boolean operations at part level, for example, to define tooling or tooling operations, e.g. for die-sink electrodes.
• Combining regular part modelling and sheet metal design within the same part.
• Representing alternative Generative design topologies.