Electrical Harness & Cable Routing (Part 3)

Bite-sized Virtual course


With this training tutorial you will quickly learn about the harness routing process and how to develop and document harnesses effectively and efficiently.
This course is in two three hour sessions (Parts 1 & 2) with an optional third three hour session (Part 3) focused on harness documentation.

Part 1: Duration 3 hours
Overview of terminology and functionality, basic routing methods: examples and exercises.

Part 2: Duration 3 hours
Further exercises and practice examples of routing wires and cables and using networks

Part 3: Duration 3 hours
Harness flattening for manufacturing and documentation. Creating flattened harness drawings including BOM’s and wiring lists.


• Create a harness part after invoking “Applications>Cabling” within an assembly.
• Designate components/connectors and their coordinate systems
• Define wire spools (single +/- red and black, 1.0mm dia)
• Display useful cabling information in the model tree
• Define a network (useful, but not obligatory)
• Route wires and cables between connectors and components
• Manipulate the wiring and component locations to optimise layout
• Flatten the harness and document the drawing with BOM’s and wiring lists