Loads & Constraints (FEA Part 3)

Bite-sized Virtual course


A key objective of this session (and of any future sessions) is to explicitly ask the question ‘What am I trying to find out?’ before beginning. Models must ‘mature’ before they give the answers sought and it is highly unlikely the first model will do everything required of it.

Each part of the process is covered in greater detail as separate tutorials.

Loads & Constraints covered in two 3 hour sessions
Part 1 Focusing on Loads Part 2 Focusing on Constraints


• What are the real constraints?
• Constraints are infinitely stiff
• Do I need to include part of the assembly?
• 3-point constraint method and when they can be used
• Understanding the symmetry constraint
• Are point constraints good?
• What are Planar, Pin and Ball constraints?
• What are the reaction forces? Introducing measures.
• Enforced displacements and the dangers of over constraining.
• Coordinate systems
• Free body diagrams, using the log file information