Creo Simulation Live gives you real-time feedback on your design decisions as you make them. This fast easy to use tool is fully integrated into the 3D CAD modelling environment. Now you can iterate more quickly, generate more options, and design with greater confidence. In this course you learn the basics of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) followed by how to create real-time structural, thermal and modal simulations. You will learn how to apply various constraints and loads to the simulations.
Module 1 Introduction
Module 2 Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Module 3 The Basics
Module 4 Failure Theories
Module 5 Structural Simulation
Module 6 Thermal Simulation
Module 7 Modal Simulation
Module 8 Project

Course Dates

From: Tuesday 27th October 2020
To: Tuesday 27th October 2020
In: Virtual Training Book