Creo Data Management For PDM Link

Learn to complete basic Windchill PDMLink CAD data management tasks and activities within PDM Link.


After completing this course you will be prepared to complete basic Windchill PDMLink CAD data management tasks and activities. You will also have a better understanding of Windchill CAD data management process. In this course you will learn key capabilities and features of Windchill PDMLink CAD data management and how to use Windchill PDMLink to manage Creo Parametric design information. Specifically you will focus on the day-day data management tasks required by the Creo Parametric user community including how to use the CAD data structure to associate and build the product structure. You will also learn how to use Windchill to perform basic PDM functions on Creo Parametric CAD documents and their associated Windchill parts.


Locate design information
View design information
Create new designs and share design information
Modify and manage existing design information
Understand Windchill parts and their association to CAD documents
Understand file relationships and dependencies
Manage family tables
Use workspace frames

Course Dates

From: Tuesday 11th June 2019
To: Tuesday 11th June 2019
In: Cambridge Book
From: Tuesday 18th June 2019
To: Tuesday 18th June 2019
In: Nottingham Book
From: Wednesday 26th June 2019
To: Wednesday 26th June 2019
In: Manchester Book